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  • Semimonthly appointments

    There is a way to create a semimonthly appointment in your Maximizer Calendar. Just to be clear, an example of a semimonthly occurence is like my favourite times of the month: pay day. It is like being paid on the 15th and 30th of the month and not every other Friday, which is bi-weekly. Because there...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 08-07-2009
  • Rounding up Tasks and Appointments

    Sometimes, it's important to know how much effort you're putting into a relationship. Any relationship. Whether it be with your friends or a lead, it's always good to know how much time and effort you put in. A good indication of how much time you are spending with a client is looking at...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 07-24-2009
  • Hot Keys and Short Cuts

    I have this fancy mouse at work and sometimes I feel as if it wasn't a good investment. It is a wireless mouse with a whole slew of different buttons, but after the first few weeks, I found out that I really don't use it that much. Why? It's because I'm a keyboard shortcut fanatic. I...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 06-26-2009
  • Finding Time in My Busy Schedule

    I am a busy guy. Between work, sports, friends, and planning a wedding, I barely have enough time for myself. Don't get me wrong, I like doing all those things (well, some more than others), so I'm always trying to pencil things in or squeeze the most out of my days. One thing I find that helps...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 06-12-2009
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