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  • Two Ways to Work Faster with Maximizer CRM 12

    By Herbert Yen Have you been using Maximizer CRM Software for so long, that some of your Address Book entries have amassed a pile of notes that takes a while to sift through (and load), not unlike the new Facebook layout? In the latest release, Maximizer CRM 12 , you can work more efficiently by filtering...
    Posted to Weblog by Margarita Orlov on 11-08-2011
  • Rounding up Tasks and Appointments

    Sometimes, it's important to know how much effort you're putting into a relationship. Any relationship. Whether it be with your friends or a lead, it's always good to know how much time and effort you put in. A good indication of how much time you are spending with a client is looking at...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 07-24-2009
  • Key Fields: Organizing the Mess of User-Defined Fields

    Maintaining a tidy database is one of the keys to efficiency. It's just like keeping a tidy house. It's all about getting rid of what's no longer useful and organizing the stuff that you do have for easy access. It's the same way with user-defined fields. Yes, they are very useful in...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 07-17-2009
  • Coming back from vacation: What did I miss?

    As much as I love to work, there is nothing I love more than going on vacation. There is so many good places to explore, things to do, and most importantly, so much great food to eat. But the worst thing about going on vacation, other than the jet lag, is coming back to work. Personally, it always takes...
    Posted to Weblog by Will Leung on 05-28-2009
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