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Is your CRM leaking productivity? It may be time for a CRM Tune-Up.

As we know, businesses have their own set of individual characteristics. However, the need for a regular inspection and tweaking of CRM systems is something they have in common.  You may consider your CRM process to be running like a finely tuned Ferrari, or as reliably as a used Honda Civic but there is always good reason to take a peek under the hood.

If your company is due for a CRM tune-up but you're not sure how to begin, a great place to start is by asking questions.  Reach out to key stakeholders in your organization to help identify which areas they need to improve. Talk to your end user to establish a list of common concerns and time wasting activities. Or chat to your customers ... they will be quick to draw attention to areas in your customer service process they feel could be better. Most likely, everyone you speak with will appreciate your proactive approach.

Now that you have identified some key areas to develop, you may ask yourself "How do we compare to our peers?" You will be happy to find out you are not alone in your problems.  Unveiled in the "Time for a CRM tune-up?" e-book are poll results from the 'Navigating Roadblocks with CRM' webinar series. It's a great way to see how your business challenges stack up against your peers. Here's a preview...

What challenge(s) are you facing in measuring business performance?

  • Time for a CRM Tune-Up? e-bookInconsistent reporting requirements 45%
  • Time consuming analysis 25%
  • Inaccurate data included 40%
  • Lack of customized reports 65%
  • Analysis not relevant to my role 5%
  • Other 10%

If your mind is now racing with CRM adjustment ideas ... minor attention here, full overhaul there ... to make your business more efficient, you will find the interactive checklists included in the "Time for a CRM tune-up?" e-book especially helpful. By rating your sales, marketing, customer service and business intelligence ability you can easily identify areas to focus your efforts.



aspbi Blog said:

Is your CRM leaking productivity? It may be time for a CRM Tune-Up.

June 19, 2012 8:09 AM